FFR1-Yellow Fever

Hey Loves! I’m Funmi Ajayi and I welcome you to my first blog post which is also the first of a series I will be doing called “Funmi in the Fitting Room” (FFR). Alongside juggling a masters in forensic accounting, personal , spiritual life and a Youtube channel (which I recently started), I decided to share my love for fashion by starting a Blog!

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I have always loved putting items of clothing together, I get compliments from family and friends on the way I dress. Therefore, I have decided to be selfless (selfless….really? LOL, yes. Only because I have got mad love for you all) and, share my style with you my loves. For the FFR series, I walk into any high street clothing store, fix up an outfit and take selfies to share with you guys.

Yellow Fever” was inspired by the colour of the outfit, (obviously Funmi!). It was literally the first phrase that came to mind when I was thinking of a name for this post. Bright colours are trending this  year, especially Yellow and, trust me anyone! I repeat, anyone! can totally slay in this colour. Personally it makes me feel like a ray of sunshine. You would literally light up anywhere you walk into.

I first saw the blazer and trousers online and fell in love as I have been a little too obsessed with the colour yellow. I show you two ways to rock the clothing items.

Crop top with trousers:

This look, you can totally rock with a pair of trainers or sandals. It can be worn for any event you would consider informal. You wanna go badass on them? throw on a pair of shades, done!

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Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

With a Blazer:

For the next look I threw on a blazer, basically went ham on the yellow (yes please!). I would wear this to work with a pair of heels, yellow maybe? LOL. In my opinion yellow goes with anything so be creative and try any other colour in heels.

Processed with VSCO with a4 presetProcessed with VSCO with a4 presetProcessed with VSCO with a4 presetProcessed with VSCO with a4 preset

That is it guys! thank you for reading my first blog post! As John Galliano rightly said “The joy of dressing is an art” , so go ahead loves! create that masterpiece!

Please leave your comments down below, don’t be shy!

Outfit Details: The whole outfit is from River Island. The trousers and top are currently not online but you can find them in their stores. Alternatively I have put links to similar ones for my people who don’t have access to the stores. Click on links below.





See you in my next post






12 Comments Add yours

  1. isabelcharis says:

    Nice one Funmi. FFR is a very creative idea. Lovely


    1. lolaandvogue says:

      Thank you for taking your time to read and comment Isabel.


  2. Gbemi says:

    Yellow fever, I like the caption. You’re really slaying in yellow..you might as well use a yellow nail polish Haha 😌
    Lovely post, I’ll be looking forward to your next one


    1. lolaandvogue says:

      Lool yellow nail polish, will consider that. Thank you for taking your time to read and comment Gbemi.


  3. Victoria Eleazer says:

    This is inspiring, ‘ray of sunshine’ ., I love the color yellow on you it looks really good and I love that your styles shows a sophisticated young black queen .


    1. lolaandvogue says:

      😊 Thank you Victoria for your kind comment. I do hope to inspire you and others more with coming posts


  4. Tosin fash says:

    You make yellow look so easy to rock 😍


    1. lolaandvogue says:

      Thank you taking your time to read and comment Tosin. It’s sure easy to rock lool!


  5. Esther says:

    Yasss Funmi you totally rock the colour yellow I legit lavvvv it!! #yellowonmelaningirls


    1. lolaandvogue says:

      Thank you Esther, really appreciate the love and support.


  6. Welcome to blogging Funmi. There’s definitely something about black women and the colour yellow. You’re beautiful, and nailed but the informal and formal looks.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. lolaandvogue says:

      Thank you very much hun. Much appreciated.


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